The Southern Education Foundation has launched the Southern Early Childhood Education Justice (SECEJ) network, uniting more than 30 state policy organizations and advocates to focus on improving and expanding early learning opportunities for young children across the South. The SECEJ network advocates for systemic and transformative early childhood policy improvements in the South, focusing especially on historically underserved children of color and those in low-income families.

“This is an important new chapter in our more than 155 years of work for greater racial justice and equity in education, and it will build more knowledge and support for better early childhood programs across a major portion of our country.”

– Raymond C. Pierce, President and CEO, Southern Education Foundation.

Home to nearly 60% of the nation’s Black children under age 5 and half of the nation’s young children in low-income households, many families in the 17-state SEF region would benefit from greater access to high-quality programs that can help children thrive and be prepared for school.

Current members of SECEJ network

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