Building on 157 years of leadership

The Southern Education Foundation is a research, policy, advocacy and leadership development organization that works to advance education opportunity for underserved students.

Founded in 1867 as the Peabody Fund, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to advancing more equitable education policies and practices, especially for students of color and from low-income families. Today, we also provide direct services for educators, school districts, and states.

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our history

Our Impact

Our Outcomes Based Contracting work and the Equity Assistance Center-South at SEF provide resources and services for school districts, states, and educators.

Our Impact

Our Miles to Go series and other reports have brought more attention to major issues in education. Look for more research and data in 2024.

Our Impact

We have cultivated hundreds of leaders dedicated to improving educational opportunities and making them more equitable for students of color and those in low-income families.