SEF’s Public Policy Priorities

The Southern Education Foundation (SEF), in its over 150-year history, has maintained a voice advocating for education opportunities and education equity in the South. The document presented here is a continuation of that history of advocacy through a statement of principles and positions covering what we at SEF consider to be critical issues of policy in K – 12 public education. This document offers sound policy positions supported by credible research and data designed to better inform public education policy development and related legislation in the southern states. This document expands upon and provides foundational support for SEF’s Legislative Positions released in December 2018. Our December 2018 Legislative Positions centered around three specific issues in K – 12 public education policy: (1) Education Reform, (2) School Governance, and (3) School Funding.

Our SEF Government Affairs operation continues to work on public education legislation throughout the South on matters that significantly touch upon equity, fairness and opportunity surrounding the issues addressed in this document. Whether SEF is in the position of assisting in the drafting of proposed education legislation or opposing what we believe is ill-advised education legislation, it is critical that our policy positions are informed, refined and explained by quality research and the presentation of data in a manner that strengthens the advancement of the best policies and practices for the education of all children in our public schools. It is also important for our colleagues and others engaged in the continuous pursuit of equity, fairness and opportunity to have information such as what is being presented in this document to advance better understanding of these issues as we work in collaboration for the betterment of quality education opportunity for all children.


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